General Ministry

ASEA began in the Philippines in 1987. It was formed after Dirk Wood and his family had spent almost one year working in that country as missionaries. In the Philippines, they found a nation torn by war and strife and flooded with poverty and sickness. The ministry has come a long way since it’s beginning. Now ASEA is involved in the following outreaches there:

CHRISTIAN SCHOOL: Since 1987, ASEA has operated a Christian School at very low costs to the students because most of them are from needy families. However, even with the low costs, many are unable to pay. In 1995, we began a Sponsorship Program whereby individuals, groups or churches can pay the necessary costs for one child. The cost per child is $25.00 per month. This donation will cover all curriculum, two school uniforms, a daily hot meal, plus any needed medical or dental care through our clinic. Students are waiting to be sponsored! You can really make a difference in one child’s life through this program. Our school has produced quality students and now offers the much needed computer training. We can use your old computers, too!

ARISE & SHINE SCHOOLS OF BIBLIOLOGY and THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY: Thousands have completed the ASSB course and it has changed their Christian lives. This program is made available to the local churches. The Seminary provides even further education for those desiring it.

MEDICAL CLINIC AND OUTREACHES: ASEA operates a totally free medical clinic for those in the poorest communities in the area. Each patient is ministered to, physically and spiritually. Trained Filipino health workers operate the clinic. Outreach clinics are also held along with evangelistic crusades. During one of these clinics into very poor areas, about 50 patients are seen at a cost of around $75.00 per clinic. These outreach clinics are held, as the funds are available. Sometimes we must help patients receive further care at larger medical facilities. ASEA covers these needs as much as possible.

BIBLE CLUB: In 1995, ASEA missionaries began a Bible Club for some of the poorest children in the area of our Philippines Headquarters. Children gather on Saturday morning at the ASEA Building for Bible stories, puppet shows, fun and games, plus a meal. This ministry has experienced tremendous growth (close to 100 children attending) and is the highlight of the week for these children. Most of them live in shacks along the river or railroad tracks. Through the Bible Club they experience the love of Christ in their lives.

FEEDING PROGRAMS: One of the ASEA churches is located in an extremely poor area of Manila, the garbage dump. This church operates a weekly feeding program for the children in the area. They budget is very small, but the need is very great (around $50 per month). Our headquarters also runs a ministry called Elijah’s Pantry. This ministry provides groceries to local families who find themselves in a desperate state.