Community Outreach

COFFEE/TEA BAR: OPEN Saturdays 2-6

KIDS BIBLE "PUB CLUB":  OPEN Saturdays 2-6

HOMESCHOOL RESOURCE LIBRARY":  OPEN By Appointment and Saturdays 2-6

The London Outreach Center opened its doors in the summer of 1996. It was the fulfillment of God’s call and promise to Dirk Wood, Director of Arise & Shine Evangelistic Association (the ministry which operates the Center). For 100 years this building (located in Rotherhithe, London and known as the “Crystal Tavern”) contributed to the destruction of lives through alcohol. Now, the building is used to help restore lives that have been torn apart by sin (along with several other ministries). Immediately, the local press renamed the building “The Christ-All Tavern” which was very appropriate because ASEA proclaims Jesus Christ as the only way to God. ASEA is here to be a shining light to the community and the city. Lifting up Jesus, helping people, and training believers are their goals.

“You will go to London and preach the Gospel to the nations there.”

ASEA opened it’s London base in 1993 after God called Dirk Wood to go to London to preach His Word to the multitudes that have gathered in this tremendous city. A large percent of London’s population is now of foreign origin. According to Operation World, a prayer guide by Patrick Johnstone, London is a spiritual wasteland “from which evangelical Christians have fled and then forgotten. Dying congregations, closed churches, and churches converted into Muslim mosques or Hindu temples are commonplace.” Dirk and co-worker, Steve Same, began their ministry in London following the examples of the British church reformers William Booth, George Whitefield and John Wesley. The team preaches on the streets, in parks, pubs, markets, buses, and trains. Dirk has appeared on the “Barrymore Show” and was given the title of the “Maverick Preacher”. He was able to share the Gospel message on this national television show! The team often dresses as “cowboys” with trousers that have JESUS IS LORD written down the side. Wearing banners, carrying signs, preaching, sharing, passing out tracts, rollerblading, or carrying an eight-foot cross, they are serious about their work.

“Getting God’s Word out is our goal. London is a dark city, and Jesus Christ is the light of the world. We are going to do everything we can to let His light shine in the darkness. Being a witness is what we are all about and we are here to train other Christians to do the same. This is one exciting life. God is calling for a bold witness in these wicked days. Talk of revival is everywhere. Being a witness for Jesus Christ will cause revival to burn in your hearts.”