Bible Training

As the world grows more evil by the day, so the hearts of the populace has become callused. With today’s modern age has come Satellite and Digital TV which provides hundreds of channels, which the average channel suffer can quickly roam through. Now, we have Behemoth, the storm cloud of perversion called the Internet — a tool which can be used for great good, but more often is used for greater wickedness. People’s minds are so programmed for excitement, that the old school of evangelistic techniques is dead and has been buried with the other antiquated methodology. The message is ever fresh and unchanging, but the means of delivering that uncompromising messaged has changed over time and will continue to do so.

Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you.” Philippians 4:9

The London Missionary Training Institute (LMTI) offers a radical breakthrough in missionary and ministerial training. LMTI is a private school that operates as an extension of the Arise & Shine Christian Theological Seminary. Each term allows a maximum enrollment of eight students. This enables the staff to give each student that one-to-one attention that is necessary for the utmost in training. The LMTI is not for everyone. It is an intense program designed to produce radical ministers with the ability to plant churches and establish Bible schools wherever they go.

What is Different About LMTI?

Located in the famous and historical city of London, our training center has invaluable resources available, and we take advantage of them. In addition to the various museums and Church History sites, London is home to people from probably every tribe, tongue and nation of the world. The world has indeed come to London and we intend to take advantage of that, also! The area is packed with famous places to study and famous places to witness and preach the Glorious Good News of Jesus Christ!

What will you study at lmti?

The basic course of study includes the Arise & Shine School of Bibliology Program — Term One and Term Two. The details of these courses are available in a separate brochure. Additional topics covered will be:


The student is trained in Psycho-Drama Evangelism, Friendship Evangelism and other valid modern techniques to reach with world with the Gospel message. Each individual student is trained in effectual oratory technique and message content. Each student is observed, critiqued and encouraged in the development of his God-given gifts. You will have the opportunity to minister at the world’s largest Ferris Wheel, Buckingham Palace, Westminster, and many other world-famous sights.


At LMTI, each student is given the opportunity to preach (or share) three to four times a week, which is unparalleled in orthodox training. You will learn by instruction, study, example, and by personal involvement. You are not turned loose on the world right out of a classroom, but are trained in real-life situations, building experience and confidence which you will take with you upon graduation.

Apologetics (Defending the Faith)

One of the greatest learning experiences is preaching, sharing and debating at the world-famous Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park. You will experience this every Sunday and you will learn how to defend the Bible and your faith on every level through unique, personal, one-on-on contact in real life situations. You will learn how to talk with Moslems, Catholics and probably members of every religion under the sun!

Reformation and Church History

Our students are right in the middle of where the Reformation began around 1378 with Wycliffe. You will be surrounded by rich, historical events which have effected the Church. We study the Reformation at its climax with people like William Tyndale (Bible Translator), who died a martyr’s death because he dared to give the English people the Bible in their own language. Sites you will see include:

  • Where the first English Bibles were burned in London
  • Where 200 saints were burned at the stake for the owning a Bible
  • Where Ridley and Latimer were imprisoned and burned at the stake
  • Where William Booth, John Wesley, Charles Spurgeon, George Fox, John Bunyan, George Whitefield, and men of God ministered
  • Where two of the most destructive thinkers of all time lived and are buried — Karl Marx and Charles Darwin

Biblical Archeology

While studying the history of the Bible, students are able to actually see it’s history from an archeologically standpoint. Readily available in the British Museum are numerous relics that will enhance your understanding and encourage your faith. You will see objects which depict:

  • Nebuchadnezzar’s taking of Jerusalem how he built Babylon
  • Cyrus’s taking of Babylon and how he calls himself the King of Kings
  • Sennacherib’s boasting of having Hezekiah caged up like a bird
  • Tiglath Pileser II’s (Biblical Pul) references in his royal annals to Old Testament characters including Azariah, Menahem and Jehoahaz
  • The Israelite King (Jehu) as he bows before Shalmaneseer
  • The Temptation Seal of Adam and Eve found in Ur, the land of Abraham, and which dates to Abraham’s time
  • The oldest account of the flood written on a baked clay tablet
  • An idol from the city of Ur from Abraham’s era
  • ...And much, much more!


Student Outreach

Each year, an outreach trip will be made which will enable the student to practice within a church setting what they are learning . This outreach is called, “The Greatest Show On Earth” and takes place on the Islands of the Philippines. You will never be the same! The outreach is for a period of two months and will give you opportunities to preach or share in churches as well as at open-air campaigns. You will be in situations that will allow you to touch the lives of those you minister to and will leave you deeply touched. This outreach trip will inspire the old pioneer spirit of the early missionaries!

Costs, Facilities, and Schedule

The London Missionary Training Institute is housed within the London Outreach Center. The building is actually a renovated Victoria Era Pub within Central London. Just one mile away is the site where the Mayflower once docked and two miles away is the Tower of London. For well over 100 years, the building (as a pub) contributed to the destruction of people’s lives. Now, it is being used to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and put people’s lives back together.

Please see insert for applicable costs. Included in this amount is your tuition, your housing, your meals and your local travel expenses. Airfare to London and personal items will be your own responsibility. The Student Outreach Trip is also an additional cost depending on airfares at the time.

Students will adhere to a schedule each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday is a full day off for free time. Saturday and Sunday will have a schedule for one-half of the day and the remaining time is free.

A Word from the President

The apostles were men who were willing to suffer for the Gospel. Most were common men, yet Jesus made them fishers of men. Here at the LMTI, our motto is, “If there is no environment for being a witness, then we must create one!” I was standing in Victoria Train Station where thousands pass each minute. I held a sign that read “JESUS IS ALIVE”, was just standing there, waiting to see what would happen. People would come up and talk because the environment had been set. The police said that I could not do what I was doing! I prayed for an idea and God gave me one. I needed to create a stage to draw people’s attention to Christ. The result was a Gospel Cape (like what Superman wears). As I walked into the train station, wearing a red Gospel Cape, I set the stage for being a witness! I stopped in front of the bars and people’s eyes were drawn to the cape. I lifted my hands and eyes up to heaven and let silence scream. Many people came up wanting to know what I was doing. My answer was to share the Gospel story. It shook the whole station for all knew a bold believer was there. This is what LMTI is all about — breaking tradition and prophetically proclaiming Jesus as Lord in modern methods. These methods have been known to cause joy to bubble over as the joy of the Lord comes upon His witness! There are a lot of training centers to choose from and the LMTI is not for every. I should be carefully considered with much prayer. Many students who being the adventure are unable to endure the rugged course. One minister put it like this, “This is Special Forces Training. This school has a high degree of self discipline However, on a more positive side, the school generates preachers, Bible readers, church planters and men and women who can defend the faith.” God bless you,