Arise, Shine for your light has come, for the glory of the Lord has risen ... Darkness covers the earth ... But the Lord will rise upon thee ... And nations will come to your light. - Isaiah 60: 1 and 2


ARISE & SHINE EVANGELISTIC ASSOCIATION began in the Philippines in 1987.  It's formation came about after Dirk Wood and his family had spent almost one year working in that country as missionaries.  In the Philippines, they found a nation torn by war and strife and flooded with poverty and sickness.  The task seemed overwhelming.  Dirk was an evangelist, but the crusades he preached for several months did not seem to be enough.  God had the answer and He led Dirk to teach the nationals to be founded in the Bible and train them to evangelize their own country.  Dirk became associated with several Filipino ministers and pastors who had the same desires to be more effective at to reaching their country.  These Filipino ministers joined together with Dirk.  ARISE & SHINE EVANGELISTIC ASSOCIATION (ASEA) was formed and registered with the Filipino government as a non-profit, religious organization in February of 1987.

The original goal of ASEA was to educate men and women in God's Word and train them in evangelism for the purpose of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This is accomplished with a commitment to the Bible, believing it is the infallible Word of God and is as such trustworthy, authoritative, and all-sufficient. 

It is the desire of ASEA to produce, provide, and promote men and women who share this commitment to the Word of God and are effective ministers of it.  ASEA is independent of any denomination and desires to work with any person, church or group which believes in the Word of God as authoritative and infallible.  It is the goal of ASEA to assist the Body of Christ in any way we can to make it strong and effective in the world today.  There is a sense of urgency in the air today.  It can be felt throughout the world.  We must work with all our might to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  ASEA has that vision.

In 1991, God placed another burden in the heart of Dirk Wood.  This burden was for the city of London, England, but ASEA was growing rapidly in the Philippines and Dirk was committed to work there until it was a stable, effective ministry.  The burden in his heart continued and grew.  In 1993, he left the Philippines for six months of "outreach" work in London to see what God had in mind.  God had blessed ASEA with several solid, hard-working missionaries who were also committed to God's Word.  Dirk asked Steve Same, who had been with ASEA since 1988 and was serving as vice-president, to join the London outreach. 

The outreach to London, England continues!  In 1996, God led ASEA to purchase a building that had been formerly used as a "pub".  Renovation work began and in October of that year, the doors of THE LONDON OUTREACH CENTER opened to the public.  The renovation work continued for the next year.  Now the Center houses the base of evangelism operations for London;  ASEA's Distance Study program; a Home School Resource Library; housing for missionaries and staff; and accommodations for those attending one of the ASEA training programs.

In 1993, ASEA began its registration in the USA as a non-profit, religious organization.  Dr. Bob Thomas now serves as an International Assistant Director working out of the United States, two missionary families are working in the Philippines and two missionary families are working in London, England.  Dirk Wood continues to work as the Director of the ministry, spending time in each location.  In 1998, an "outreach" trip was made to Cape Town, South Africa.  The Woods returned there for one month in 1999 and will return in 2000 to begin a permanent ASEA base.